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Welcome to Saint Petersburg - the Northern capital of Russia, "The Northern Venice" of Peter the Great, to Dostoyevsky' City!
Founded by Tsar Peter I of Russia on May 27, 1703.
Located on the Neva River at the head of the Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea.
Saint-Petersburg is a major European cultural centre and the most Western city of Russia.

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our history:
We would like to invite you to our unique project related to establishing of cultural and touristic connections between Saint-Petersburg and Republic of Ireland.

       Hills covered with heather and rocks over the ocean, ancient stones, the ruins of the first monasteries, medieval castles ...

The city of the eighteenth century dangling over the water, the granite embankments, stone lions, Atlases supporting the misty beauty of the palaces ...
The builders of the ancient monument at Newgrange (Dun Fhearghusa), the ancient Irish (Gaels) which brought the culture of the Druids, Patrick’s Christianity aside from the Europe kept the European Enlightenment, the Norwegian Vikings founded Dublin which became the Irish, British who did not conquer the country but considered more Irish than the Irish themselves’, an endless series of wars for independence ...

Peter the Great, Emperor of Russia showed Europe to Russia, and a new maritime power to Europe, he founded the city in honor of the Christian apostle, the symbol of new Russia, on stilts and the bones of workers, the capital of the Russian coup d’états and revolutions, the centre of culture and education…

What unites these traditions, noting that Saint-Petersburg got its much later than Ireland? The harsh climate? Swamp? A cold wind? North Sea? Love for the heather, which many in Ireland and almost everywhere in the Slavic lands? North-Western culture?

In the 5th century Ireland met a Christian sermon with confidence, but further  in entirety it kept the traditions of their kings and filid (poets, prophets ("faith" or "fili" ("filid" (plural)) means "prophet" (on Irish)), "bardd" means "poet" (on Welsh)). Roman education enriched but not dissolved the ancient culture of Erin.

At the beginning of the 18th century, young Saint-Petersburg absorbed the European enlightenment by giant gulps. But later it understood the inestimable value of Russian culture and Slavic-Byzantine heritage. And the unique symbiosis of Latin scholarship and Slavic-Greek organics introduced new creative Russia, free-thinking, able to accept practically any positive culture of the world.

    Despite the continued wars, the world is being united continuously. If the ancient Vikings with a sword in hand were winning the right to live for themselves in the new lands - in Ireland, Europe, America and borders were constantly changing. But today clearly defined territories of different countries are populated with representatives of the different cultures and beliefs.

Probably, we are united by tendency to free development? Probably, by goodwill in relationship? Externally, our people seem to be closed, but in fact they show an open and faithful heart.   



wives of Decembrists (significant date: the Fourteenth of December (1825)) revolt of noblemen against monarch and tyranny in St Petersburg, Russia 

The Captivating Star of HappinessThe Captivating Star of Happiness  (Zvezda plenitelnogo schastya; 1975), film



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