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Today - 28 January 2020, Tuesday
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Making progress...

Just over two weeks ago I had the absolute privilege and honour to be present for the official opening of a CCI 'Home of Hope' that protects extremely vulnerable and at-risk childrenwith a loving family in Belarus. 

Chernobyl Children International pioneered the 'Homes of Hope' programme to provide an alternative to institutional care for children who were at-risk of abandonment or already languishing in orphanages. 

CCI continue to strengthen our commitment to de-institutionalisation, as we believe that children belong in family homes.  It is our vision that one day, all institutions and orphanages in the Chernobyl affected regions will be closed. 

While in Belarus, I also had a number of high-level meetings which furthered this vision.  CCi have developed education focused programmes  that will one day free children from the confines of institutionalised life. 

You can help re-write these children's futures by supporting Chernobyl Children International's programmes.  

There is hope...its you! - help!!!


Making progress...

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Ways you can donate Chernobyl Children

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Ways you can donate Chernobyl Children

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