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Irish News Irish News - 'New IRA's attempt to justify Lyra's murder is insane'

Today - 30 May 2020, Saturday
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'New IRA's attempt to justify Lyra's murder is insane'

Gillian Halliday

April 2019

A close friend of Lyra McKee has said the latest attempt by the New IRA to justify the journalist's murder and its ongoing terror campaign is "absolute insanity".

Victims' campaigner Ann Travers last night condemned the terror group - which 11 days ago fatally shot the 29-year-old writer in Derry - calling it "disgusting and insane".

She was speaking after the New IRA army council gave a newspaper interview in which it openly admitted the killing of Ms McKee did not further its "cause".

It also said it accepted its gun and bomb attacks would not "defeat" the British army and its deadly campaign would never succeed.

However, it said this would not deter it as its actions serve another purpose, it told the 'Sunday Times'.

"They are symbolic. They are propaganda. They let the world know there is an ongoing conflict in Northern Ireland," explained a member.

Ms Travers, whose 22-year-old sister Mary was shot dead and her magistrate father Tom seriously injured in an IRA gun attack in 1984, said the killers' thinking is deeply warped - particularly as it has acknowledged its deadly campaign is futile.

"The fact that they can say that their actions to murder are symbolic shows the measure of their absolute insanity," she said.

"It shows a lack of emotion and lack of humanity that they can take a human life like that.

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