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Seal Rescue Ireland

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Volunteers are the heart, soul and backbone of Seal Rescue Ireland.

Over 850 volunteer hours are poured into the rescue centre every week!

Our volunteers are involved in all aspects of the organisation from the rescue, rehabilitation and release of sick and injured seal pups, to community engagement, education, conservation and fundraising. Our volunteers gain valuable knowledge, skills, friendships and always take away unforgettable memories. Join us today!

Our pups tell us stories about our world!

Explore our multi-faceted wildlife rehabilitation and

marine conservation organisation


Seal Adoptions

30.00 – 100.00

Please follow our purchasing notes:

  1. Choose the number of seals you wish to adopt
  2. Choose the names of the seals you wish to adopt
  3. You will receive an email confirmation once your transaction has been processed.
  4. Your adoption material will arrive via email within 10 days, with exclusive updates posted at random intervals depending on your seal’s progress, so please check on your seal regularly to see them heal and grow through rehab.

All adoption emails will be sent to the email address that you enter in the shopping cart. To comply with GDPR, there is an opportunity to opt-out of emails if the recipient has not consented to receive emails from us. If any issues arise, please message to change the contact information.

If you select more seals than are currently available, we will send you adoption pack(s) when the next pups become available.


Donating to Seal Rescue Ireland will help us to:

  • Care For, Feed & Rehabilitate Sick, Injured & Abandoned Seal Pups at our Rescue Centre in Courtown, Co. Wexford.
  • Provide Life Saving Medical Supplies & Rehab Equipment
  • Man & Maintain Our 24-Hour Rescue Helpline
  • Co-ordinate 100’s of Rescue Volunteers Along Our Irish Coastline, Who Help to Rescue, Lift & Transport Seals to Our Care.
  • Maintain our Pool Pumps, Filters, Fridges, Wet gear, Heat Lamps, Feeding Pumps & More!



Seal Rescue Ireland

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